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The Process

Our simple process allows us to work collaboratively with you to realise your hopes and dreams for your garden


The process that we follow is simple and is outlined below:

  1. Initial Consultation 
    I will meet you in your garden, and we can talk about what you would like for your new outside space. We will talk about how you would like to use the garden, if you would like any specific areas or zones, plants, styles and colours that you like, and if there are any established plants that you want to keep. We will run through a questionnaire together, or I can leave it with you to think about at your own pace. We will then put together a moodboard for you, which will capture your ideas for your garden, and provide you with a written estimate to complete the project.

  2. Site survey
    If you would like to move ahead, we will come back and survey the site. We will take full measurements, taking in to account boundary lines, buildings, utilities and existing plants.

  3. Design phase
    If you have opted for the garden concept design, we will provide you with a design of the whole garden. We will talk the first draft through with you and make one round of changes to get it just as you would like it. We will then provide you with the final garden design concept, for you to keep and share with your own hard landscaper to complete the work.

    If we are creating a planting scheme for you - again, I will provide you with a planting plan for the border / bed / whole garden that you would like me to re-design for you. Here we will discuss the plants and make any changes you would like. The planting plan will be a to scale drawing showing full latin names and plant quantities.

  4. Plant supply
    If you would like us to, we can source the plants too. We have established relationships with our trusted nurseries, and we can arrange the order and delivery for you. We can also plant them for you and provide you with care plan to you to help you look after your new plants.

To get in touch, please feel free to email or use the form below

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