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Planting scheme design by Zoe Kilbride. Echinacea, Echinops, Hydrangea, Grasses

Plantswoman and garden concept designer based in Bishop's Stortford
Covering Herts & Essex

Zoe Kilbride with a cypress tree

Zoe Kilbride, is a garden concept designer and plantswoman, who trained at Capel Manor, and is based in Bishop's Stortford.

'I believe that to plant a garden and caring for plants does wonders for your wellbeing. It has been proven that spending time in a garden helps with mental health, lowers blood pressure, and promotes happiness.

If you are looking for a new garden concept design or a planting plan to refresh your existing garden, drop me a line and I can help'.

Zoe Kilbride Plantswoman and Garden concepts

To get in touch, please feel free to email or use the form below

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