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My Services

I offer different services dependant on your needs, and have created a process to make transforming your outdoor space as straightforward as possible. Whether you are starting from scratch, or refreshing an existing garden, I love to design planting schemes and garden concepts that complement your home, lifestyle, and your outdoor space dreams. 

For all enquiries about a garden concept design or a planting refresh for your existing garden, contact me to arrange an initial consultation.

Garden Design

I create garden concept designs that will bring your outdoor space to life. I will visit your outside space for an initial consultation, I take the measurements and provide you with a questionnaire to complete, which helps me understand your ambition for your garden and how you would like to use it. My designs are drawn to scale, and and you can see what your garden will look like once completed. The design could be anything from a full garden to a small area that you would like to enhance. I will give you material options and the plan can be used by your own landscaper to build. A planting scheme will also be created to complete your new garden.

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Gardn Design

Planting Plans

A selection of plants

One of my favourite things is revitalising an existing border with a new planting scheme. Maybe some of your plants have had their time, or have been lost to extreme weather conditions. Perhaps you have had a garden room installed and you would like some fresh planting ideas to help soften the structure making your outdoor space feel complete and looking its best. No border is too big or too small. I create to scale planting plans, showing how many of which plants are required, and how they should be planted to get the best effect. I can even source the plants and plant them for you, providing you with a care plan for you to keep them thriving and healthy.

Planting Plan

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